Odd Tymes

by Green Gerry

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Recorded Using Garageband and laptop mic, "O D D T Y M E S" is the Debut Record from Green Gerry. Please Download and Spread these songs to your friends. My Gift to you, if ye ears be trained.

all recording, instruments and noises by gerry green in my house(iliveinacloset) located in valencia, california, and in athens, georgia except:

Beginning drums and vocals on "OOO" courtesy of Bryce Kundert and Bernard at theyre home in athens, georgia

"Song Fer Thunderstorms" noises by a train, birds, driving car, bushes, and a pot in Madeline and Allie's backyard in athens, georgia

Music, laughter and noises on "Sigmund" by a Pillow and Alex & Becky Rivera's Kitchen in Santa cruz, california

Conversations on "Beths Goodbye" and "Oh Freedom!" by the Billups house in athens, georgia

The Crazy and Beautiful choir sound at the end of "Beths Goodbye" recorded by Bavani Selverajah and i in front of peets coffee and in my garage in valencia, california

Bass and drums for "Cozy Space Mugz", "I Am Getting Old" and "Linked Sausage Is Delicious" recorded with the help of Alex's roommates in santa cruz, california

thank you to: 2075 the lexington experience/Lord Booya, creswell, Billups st in general between the months of Feb 09 - mid summer 09 (b4 i left the street, not the state), pita pit, lazy shopper, 173 Wilkerson, gatlinburg TN, jar of madelines buttons, unknowns, pwrx and kinship bretheren, micah and his photo, lucy, California peeps and Ga peeps and random from all over ppeeps, thunderstorms, cicadas, md 20/20 and all the people ive met who have put shit into my brain. yall know who ye are. and also to those of you who still listen

if you CAN donate anything thatd be great! id love to keep making music fer you listenin ears! (but if not thats kewl too)

Recorded between Feb. '09 - May '10 in Georgia and California.


released May 20, 2010

Gerry Green



all rights reserved


Green Gerry


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Track Name: Ka, ka, ka, ka Maria
the ocean blue
reaches far from here
the restlessness may do
but what i cant see i dont fear

and what i cannot be
will haunt the days of my future
but please wait for me
the sky holds my departure

although lying at times
the night starts it all over
and screaming she sighs
and says what can i recieve from this motion
Track Name: Cozy Space Mugz
No fingers
No Phrases
No Ringers
No Faces
No Lying
No Straining
Set timing
has Betrayed me
Cant Find Mine
Cant Find Mine
I Lost MIne
I need mine
i feel fine
too lucid
it doesnt
matter this time
i need truths
made it mine
hold me down



fingers crosss
as your eyes they melt
danger lurks
beneath ringing bells
the crooked clouds
bring me back down to earth
you crazy man
you know how much your worth
within the circle
Track Name: I Am Getting Old
its all right until the gold is gone
you still wonder why i took so long
the questions still linger but whats done is done
she cant feel good he cant belong
everything in the air
wasn't ever meant to be up there
the facts dont add up to whats right
ive gone blind ive lost my sight

but i know you talked (((childish)) OOH)
you gave me up ((childish)) OOH)
ill walk it off ((childish)) OOH)
and forget where i have been ((childish)) OOH)
Track Name: Saved By Dogs Acid Eyes (Drunkenly Peeing Off A Cliff)
so i go out
cant find nothin now
so i go out
cant find nothin now

as you you wait
as you scream out my name
as the fingers touch places ive never known before
you scream out
you scream in
you say wow
then i begin to let go

stay at home
stay at home
stay at home
stay at home

now i go out
find a new place to call home
and then you lose your mouth
you fade out to god knows where as

i think i try tried to hard
and you think you got it goin on and on and on
but you see i know the game you work
and your played down like a joke drugged out

cant find myself again
im all backwards
and into what i know
i cant find out

so i go back home
there i get HIGH
all alone
all alone
all alone

you know where i am
Track Name: Linked Sausage Is Delicious
now i see it when you speak
for i cant force myself to sleep
have all the colors gone to black?
how can you smile then explain the meaning of what i dont have?

feeeeeeeel everything
it is in anything

stars crossed back and forth inside my head
each ones not relevant for it is dead
the light has been turned onto my past
i must give something away that i dont neeed back

as i fade into the black
as i fade into the black

moments they last then they burn back into dust
crooked faces walk up just because
joking jesters all line up around me
as i look up only to see

giants laughing
freak accidents
who knows how to say when
WHEN you question everything that exists

how can i forget you now?
dont start to panic!!!
please dont freak outttttttttttt...
Track Name: O O O (Fool Moon)
Fool Moon,
i am okay
Fool Moon,
you will not find me for i am far away
Fool Moon:
the depths will only confuse you
Fool Moon:
do not act just like the cowards do
Fool Moon:
anger will only tease your brain
Fool Moon,
please rid him of all his pain
Fool Moon,
your eyes they are on fire
Fool Moon,
your passion exceeds all holy choirs
Fool Moon:
leave no room for me to go
Fool Moon:
find pleasure in what i cannot know

Track Name: Song Fur Thunderstorms
sleep my baby sleep
sleep my babe dont peek
tonight the air is cold
dont fear what is unknown

theres demons in the trees
they reach to grab at thee
who lays silently asleep
in the grass deep in a dream

stay safe wandering about
keep safe traveling down south
the scared might speak real loud
just place your hand upon your mouth

fall into the lost dark sea
let the salt cure all your worries
let the waves cover your body
its depth is never ending

giants they set fire to the fields
do not take cover upon the hills
though their howls may sound wretchedly ill
the flames you see are not real

to stay i cannot see
my thoughts they get real lonely
if more could i just be?
if less would they not haunt me?

awake my love awake
the tyrants they have all gone away
today the sun invited them not to stay
the light forced them to fade
Track Name: BBBButtons
tree tops stumble around to shake hands
the sky's getting angry red rosey cheeks
the leaves running circles on the ground
the wind just keeps pushing them around

and they just take it
and they just take it
and they just take it
and again they just take

and none of this is ever faked
and none of this ever faked
and none of this is ever faked
it is just all simple and honest

oh oh oh oh oh oh
oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
oh oh oh oh oh oh oh o
ohhh oh oh
oh oh oh o ah ooooooooo ooo oo
Track Name: Beths Goodbye
ah my mother where do you hide
my eyes shine in memories of your face
but i lay alone again in my head tonight
and dream of tomorrow as a bright beautiful place

you weep for a map to show you a home
to crawl to while the world is a fallin' to its knees
somewhere safe to keep at bay all thats unknown
with a prayer in your memory to watch over you as you sleep

please keep me in your brain, your soul and heart
you left a light that shines endlessly in my dreams
a light that shows me where it ends, never where it starts
the dark lays only upon what it lacks and what it needs

and she turned to me right before she had to go
boy you may laugh weep scream jump and cry
dont hold onto or cherish what you think you really know
not too many things stay too pure in this life

and know that ive done my best to make this laugh
just dont fear the constants that must suddenly change
for i will cry when this time it has passed
and i will smile knowing that you will remain

(( this is not a song about romances ))
Track Name: Ohh Freedom!
Ohh Freedom! Ohh Freedom!
has been caught on my weary eyes!
it has kept me from the hounds of hell,
but left me naked in front of its ringing bells,
only to see my lifes worth as it passes me by.

ohh freeedom! ohh freedom!
has left me worried and stranded on its isle!
it had left me a slave,
but kept me oh so proud and brave,
only to return myself back as a child.

oh freedom! oh freedom !
my mind has been pressed picked and torn!
please show me my way back to you,
and keep my baby far from what ive been through,
and keep me far from the place that i was born!
Track Name: Ballad In The Bay Of Pigs
sailing twisting fast through a weary eyed past
upon two fairskinned women with crooked eyes
who cant be seen unlss noticing not only those who pass
but those too stubborn to admit their unwilligness to live and let die

and how can it be seen for any one persons own good
that the darkness reaches far and touches that of its soul
and its magestic night may be one of something so misunderstood
burroughing deep into the ground the idea only grows old

now naked it searches for what still feels genuine
and lost in its thought something is stiil able to taje hold
yet a story read backwards gets played again and again
while a newboen baby boys life withers just as it starts to unfold

now this is as lone as one will ever become
and it asks how am i to live with such fearful memory
and crying complaining it sees what unfortuanatlly must be done
to forget that existense itself has been a dying

now days grow slow and seem worn and drawn out
under a man made sky polished with liquor and sight
it finally sees that the future will only make them prone to being found out
for nothing more than a big bullied pig that keeps whispering in fright

so no i dont mind that your atalking at me
im just awaiting my chance to be a talking at you
but dont you whine when his joke finally drowns out the truths that you seek
for i have known more than you ever may do